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NTRL Turkesterone

NTRL Turkesterone

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NTRL Turkesterone

Your #1 Choice in Turkesterone supplements 

Why is NTRL Turkesterone so popular? 

Not only do we offer 2 Strengths in our budget-friendly 150 mg we offer a super strength 500mg, but both are combined with the ultra-absorbent compound HBC (Highly branched Cyclo Dextrin) 

Who can use  Turkesterone? 

Anyone looking to improve body composition & Improve performance in & out of the gym. 

How to Take Turkesterone 

If you are choosing our 150 mg Turkesterone we recommend a dose of 2-4 Capsules daily for best results 

If you are choosing our Max strength 500mg + HBCC we recommend a dose of 1-2 Capsules daily 

How long should I take  Turkesterone for? 

NTRL Turkesterone can be taken year-round with no side effects, most users do run cycles of 12-16 weeks with a 4-week break period 

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Frequently asked Questions

Your Turkesterone Questions answered!

Do you ship Turkesterone worldwide?

Yes! We ship from both our UK & USA warehouses across the globe

Is Turkesterone a Steroid?

No! Although a similar sounding name, Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid, but does not come with unwanted side effects

Can women Take Turkesterone?

Yes! Women and Men can take Turkesterone, without any issues!

Can I Take Turkesterone on a Cut?

Yes! You can take Turkesterone as part of your training routing to help you lose fat and/or build lean muscle